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stance, who, for the sake of a fee, secured a nurse, anesthetized his patient, and removed a wart by "operation." The good chiropodist would have removed it for one tenth the cost, with less risk and distress. There have been "corn bactrim 400 mg cutters" bactrim cost from away back, and since 1785 they have become chiropo- dists. Until recently they have "picked up" their accomplishment, but of late bactrim and they are establishing schools of their own. They have organized in EDITORIAL ARTICLES. 781 local, state, and national societies. antibiotics bactrim They have in three states brought bactrim price about legislation, so that a chiropodist must at least have a certain degree of schooling and must pass an examination. The corn cutters are coming along and the doctors of medicine should take notice. The graduate of a four or more years' course in medicine ought to be more skillful in caring for the feet than a chiropodist, though practical evidence seems to be against this statement. There are two things which must be done to make this theory true. In the first place, the antibiotic bactrim med- ical schools must pay more attention, both in theoretical and in clinical teaching, to corns, cal- losities, and deformities of the feet. They may seem too common, but they are of almighty bactrim bactrim im- portance to their possessor. In the second place, the practitioner must give corns, callosities, and deformities of the feet bactrim tablets the care and attention they deserve. It will pay to study these things, for here is a field of practice that is not likely to shrink. Ty- phoid and mafaria are passing, but corns we shall have with us always, for the reason that ill fit- ting shoes are likely to be worn, despite all preaching of hygienists. The future of chiropody is assured, for it has Dame Fashion always as a helper. mixed vaccines are also being used. The Surgeon General of the United States Public Health Service is watching the generic for bactrim results but has not arrived cost of bactrim at any conclusion regarding their value. THE INFLUENZA SITUATION. From almost every section, there comes news of a decline in the number of new cases of influenza reported. The number of deaths has increased as a result of the pneumonia following the disease, but the falling off in the bactrim generic number of new cases indicates that the apex of the epidemic has probably been reached. If the decline continues, the city of New York will have escaped with relatively much less loss than most of the larger cities on the Atlantic seaboard but it is too soon as yet to make any defi- nite statement on this head. The situation in the military mrsa bactrim camps is very much better bactrim and uti and in most of the camps the internal quarantine has been lifted though the public is still barred„ except from the few camps that have sufl^ered least. The nursing situation everywhere still continues unsatisfactory, the number of nurses available being inadequate. The disease has taken terrible toll from the medical profession. Ordinarily we have notices of about twelve deaths in the medical profession and the majority of these are of men of mature years. In our last issue we recorded sixty deaths, and in this fifty-one, a majority being physicians under forty. Various preventive vaccines are being tried. In Massachusetts and in New York, a vaccine made from the influenza bacillus by Leary bactrim 800mg and Park, re- spectively is being used. In Chicago a mixed vac- bactrim prices cine of pneumococci, streptococci, staphylococci, and influenza bacilli is being tried. Several commercial GOOD NEWS FROM FRANCE. The new Surgeon General of the United States bactrim for mrsa Army, Major General Merritte W. Ireland, brings back the most encouraging news as to the medical and surgical aspects of the work of the American Expeditionary Forces of which he has been chief surgeon. While there have been many cases sulfa bactrim of in- fluenza, they have been mild and have rarely been followed purchase bactrim by pneumonia. The out-of-door life and the vigorous condition of the troops seem to have protected them from bactrim 800 mg the disease, to a great extent. The sick list runs about forty-three to a thousand and about twenty, or a little less than half, are sick,

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