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splint made with extra heavy side bars and hinged at the knee joint with a lock hinge. A wooden frame is then constructed over the patient's bed and the splint containing the injured extremity is supported by counterweights. The splint is sup- ported in its upper portion by cords running from points immediately above the hinges, while the cords from the lower segment are attached about fifteen inches below the hinges. The cords from the upper part are weighted with one Buy Biaxin counterpoise, those from the lower with another, both, however, being sand vat?, with openings at their lower ends to permit the slow Biaxin Xl 500 escape of sand. Above the upper counter- poise is a sand reservoir while below the lower is a container to collect the sand. The extremity is perfectly balanced in this apparatus and when movement is to be started sand is allowed to escape very slowly from the vat supporting the lower part of the leg into that for the upper, thus gradually causing angulation of the splint and flexion at the knee. The range of movement is small at first and is slowly increased until 90° is secured, when the patient can begin to make active flexion in the counterpoised splint. After this a course of mas- sage, faradism, and active and passive movements is given and the patient sent to a convalescent hos- pital at home. By slight modification in the method of fixing Order Biaxin the extremity in the splint the knee flexion can also be used in cases of fracture Antibiotics Biaxin of the femur as soon as acute sepsis has subsided and good align- ment has been secured. Local Effects of Hepatic Lipoids on Wounds and Inflammatory Processes. — E. Savini {Paris medical. August 17, 1918) prepares hepatic lipoids by hashing up liver tissue, drying it well at 70° C, reducing it to a Biaxin Cost powder, and placing it in a Soxhlet apparatus for ether extraction. With the lipoids thus obtained a five to ten per cent, emulsion in sterilized Biaxin 500 Mg olive oil is aseptically prepared. To Biaxin Order keep it aseptic Cheap Biaxin a few mils of ether are added from time to time. Before use the emulsion is slightly warm- ed in hot water and well shaken up. The emulsion is applied to wounds every Biaxin 500 other day, after cleans- ing them with sterile saline solution and an aseptic dressing Antibiotic Biaxin is then employed. Biaxin Online In sinuses and suppurat-. ing cavities the preparation is introduced with a gauze wick or syringe. Small, uninfected wounds heal in three Biaxin 500mg to five days under this treatment. Pain and burning in wounds are immediately allayed by the Biaxin Antibiotic emulsion. In broad, suppurating, sluggish wounds, the hepatic lipoids soon arrest the suppura- tion and lead to complete healing in eight or ten days. Where Thiersch skin grafting is done the preparation has a most useful action, powerfully assisting fixation of the grafts and accelerating their progress. Where possible, the wound should be treated with the emulsion a few days before the grafts Biaxin Buy Online are applied. Large, obstinate, varicose ulcers of the leg may be cured by Biaxin Xl persistent use of the hepatic lipoids. These also act rapidly and effectual- ly against the inflammatory complications of hem- orrhoids, suppuration, dermatitis, rhagades, ulcera- Biaxin Antibiotics tions, phlebitis, etc. In conjunction with their use glycerin soap should alone be employed externally, MODERN TREATMENT AND PREVENTIVE MEDICINE. [New York Medical Journal. and by mouth sodium bicarbonate should be taken. Preparation of the parts with the lipoids before ex- cision of hemorrhoids leads to rapid healing and prevents infection. In burns the emulsion im- mediately allays the pain and promotes healing. Intestinal lavage with an emulsion of the lipoids ^ave encouraging results in mucomembranous colitis. In ulcerations of the uterine cervix good results Biaxin Xl 500mg were likewise obtained. In the local treat- ment of eczema and of syphilitic chancre or chan- croid, however, no benefit was noted. Autoplastic Bone Transplantation for Tibial Pseudarthrosis. — Riche {Presse medicale, Au- gust 5, 1918) reports a case of war traumatism of the tibia with extensive loss of bone tissue and com- plete functional impotence of Biaxin Price the limb. One year after the injury, under spinal analgesia, two trans- plants ten centimetres long were removed from the lower end of the tibia and fastened with catgut Purchase Biaxin across the interval. Complete consolidation was noted upon removal of the plaster apparatus on the ninety-first day. After further use of a Delbet walking apparatus for three months, the patient was able to walk without the artificial support. Ten months after the operation the results obtained seemed permanent ; x ray plates showed the trans- plants apparently fused with the shaft of the bone and free from any tendency to reabsorption. Continuous Extension in Fractures of the Pha-

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