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mentally not healthy for mental health means the direction of one's aims towards socially valuable rather than individual goals. Right here one may see a partial answer to the problem which has dis- turbed the Lithium Eskalith medical mind why so many of the ap- parently healthiest are so readily laid low by the influenza organism. Parenthetically, also some light may here be directed towards the valuable psycho- logical attitude of the value of a universal muscular training for the preservation of one's nation, rather than the advantages to be gained by individual athletic gymnasium work for the limited, hence more Narcissistic and infantile glory of this school or that university or other exhibitionistic aim. Those less healthy Eskalith Cr minded then unconsciously run away and the flight into a protective psychoneurosis or to a psychosis ensues. Right here may be seen I believe in its proper setting the whole vexed ques- tion which has been stated in so many different ways as to the influence of heredity, Order Lithium Carbonate Online of neuropathic char- acter, of the background, in short, of the individual. Everybody — bar Buy Lithium Carbonate none — is by necessity, as a bit of living matter, constantly engaged in struggle. Speaking mentally what we call neurotic, neuropathic pfychopathic or what not, is only a vague way of attempting to embody the externally observable be- havioristic features of that struggle by some di- agnostic label. Because of the great diversity and complexity of the observable phenomena there re- sults Lithium Carbonate Online a great range in attempt to restrict these phe- nomena by static definition. Those whose conduct varies more from the average than others, to the good or bad, it may be mentioned it seems the differ- entiation is rarely made by the usual observer, are stigmatized as neurotic, neuropathic, etc. A stig- matization it might be observed which has much of the Pharisee attitude of self laudation about it. Neurotics, neuropathies, even some psychotics are capable and alone are the capable it may be added, to add to the store of the world's most precious possessions. The creative artists of Eskalith 450 Mg the world are among those usually stigmatized neurotics, etc., but thev are the ones who have Lithium Carbonate Buy successfully struggled with universal indolence and made something new. Other neurotics have laid down on the job and be- come the hoboes, the prostitutes, male and female, and the failures. A static definition of neurotic means nothing; a dynamic definition of neurotic means increased or diminished capacity for new adaptations — which it is going to be, plus or minus, is always a Buy Lithium Carbonate Online question of fact for the individual and for the moment and for the particular situation. So to return to our muttons — the manner in which each individual is going to react to the grip virus is going to be determined by his dose and the way in which he has handled, or is handling, his conflicts. As these are two, or more, independent variables, the results, speaking mentally, are legion. The most frequent of these are the various neu- rasthenic forms which may show as simple fatigue, involving attention, or myasthenic states, or a host of neurotic Eskalith Er or fatigue medleys in the viscera. These influenzal neurasthenias occur with either severe or with mild systemic signs of infection. There is for most patients an extraordinary myasthenia with great depression of spirits. In the majority of in- stances this clears up in from one to two weeks — in some after two or Eskalith Cr 450 three days. But in a still strik- ingly large number of patients the residual neuras- thenic fatigue is severe. By neurasthenia is here meant the pure fatigue syndrome due solely to the toxemia alone or toxemia plus the emotional conflicts to which attention has already been directed. Some mention has already been made of head- aches. The persisting localized ones may be the re- sults of Buy Eskalith serous meningitides as has been said. They may also be protective devices of the unconscious to prevent further disturbance to the individual forcing him to pay attention to his state of well being. The somatic instinctive sense of well being • — in the healthy minded of our previous definition — is an excellent guide for conduct, and here the protracted headaches say "stop, look and listen." Such individuals are advised to rest and feed. Of the other neurasthenic syndromes much may be said. There are many in which the fatigue is not the only symptom but in which various visceral neurotic disturbances persist. Thus in the skin lo- calized or more or less generalized areas may Generic Lithium Carbonate per- sistently gooseflesh, or formication may come and go with every grinding noise, Purchase Lithium Carbonate or sudden jar, or un- accustomed sight. A hair trigger localized vegeta- tive unrest of the skin structures causes such minor accompaniments of the fatigue state. Or a similar mechanism in the blood vessels will bring about great chilliness, or marked cyanotic blueness — at times almost passing over into a Raynaud's syn- drome, thus lending a certain support to the hypo-

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