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State Medical Journal, September, 1918) concludes that, I, the only hope of cure for patients suffering from cancer of the breast is a radical operation; 2, a large proportion — 32.86 per cent. — of patients ope- rated on by the radical method pass the three year period, and 23.77 P^r cent, the five year period ; 3. most patients are operated on when the disease is too far advanced ; 4, cancer of the breast must be recognized before the lymphatic glands in the axilla become involved ; 5, there are no positive differential clinical signs for early cancer, and therefore all breast tumors should be removed and submitted to microscopic examination ; 6, the removal of all breast tumors, an early diagnosis, and an early radi- cal operation are the means at our command for lowering the death rate in cancer Cheap Lovegra of the breast. Treatment of Syphilis. — Joseph Kaufman (American Mcdccine, August, ic)i8) concludes the following: i. Every case of syphilis should re- ceive intensive treatment Lovegra 100mg immediately upon making the diagnosis. 2. Every case of early syphilis should be kept under active treatment for at Generic Lovegra least two years, with short intervals between courses. 3. Everv case of latent syphilis should be treated if the spinal fluid is positive; if the fluid findings are negative, and the patient has not had sufficient treat- ment, the patient should be kept under the treat- ment as described. In the positive cases intra- spinal therapy must be given. 4. The patient should be given long courses of mercurial injections, keep- ing the dose at more than one grain, repeated every five to seven days. All of these patients should re- ceive iodides. 5. Every case of tertiary syphilis should be given intraspinal treatment, associated with mercurial and salvarsan injections and the in- ternal Buy Lovegra Online administration of iodides. Treatment of Facial Erysipelas. Lovegra Tablets — .Anthony A. Avat?. -Mid Rollin T. Woodyatt {Joiinuil. A. M. A., September 14, 1918) tried all of the methods recom- mended for the treatment of this infection without finding that any one was superior to the others until they began tc use Niehans's method of collodion cir- cumscription. The ordinary nonflexible collodion of the United States Pharmacopoeia is painted on the skin in a strip half an inch wide and one Lovegra Online inch out- side the erysipelatous margin so as to Lovegra Price surround the lesion completely. The strip is painted over repeat- edly until, when dried, it causes a deep furrow about the lesion. This must be watched to see that it Lovegra Uk is jierfect and unbroken at any point and repaired by further coats if necessary. The lesion will advance to this furrow but not beyond it. This ring of col- lodion is lef' in place until the swelling and tem- perature have wholly subsided. The enclosed in- flamed area is treated by the application of cold compresses of a saturated solution of magnesium sulphate. This treatment was controlled by com- parison with patients receiving other forms of treat- ment and it was found to stop the progress of the disease, to reduce the toxic symptoms and constitu- tional reaction, to Lovegra For Women shorten the average duration of fever from an average of eight to three and a half days, and to shorten the period in hospital from an average of thirty to an average of fifteen days. It also reduced almost entirely the development of complicating; abscesses. Protein Treatment of Arthritis. — S. P. Beebe {Medical Record, Buy Lovegra July 27, 1918) describes improve- ment attained in sixty per cent, of chronic atthritis cases treated by injections of his nonspecific protein preparation made from millet and alfalfa seeds. This is used in a two per cent, solution and the dose starts with ten to twelve minims and is given in in- creasing doses three times a week from four to ten months. Treatment of Syphilis with Novarsenobenzol. — Erwin P. Zeisler ( Ui'olngir and Cufain oiis A'l'- viciv, September, 1918) concludes that: i, Novar- senobenzol IS a safe and effective remedial agent in the treatment of syphilis in all its stages ; 2, clinic- ally and serologically it is equally as effective as neosalvarsan ; 3, concentrated solutions are to be preferred on account of the freedom from reaction and simplicity of technic. Venesection in Eclampsia. — P. Balard {Presse vicdicale, August 8, 1918) finds that a moderate bleeding — 500 grams — is sufficient to induce, in eclamptics with high blood pressure of the renal type, an immediate and lasting reduction of the systolic and diastolic pressures, as well as a reduc- tion in the energy expended by the heart muscle, as shown by oscillometric studies. These observations justify the confidence which obstetricians have long reposed in blood letting in eclampsia. Stannoxyl in Staphylococcal Infections. — Ar- thur Compton (Lancet, August 24, 1918) calls at- tention to the ]3roved value of this agent in the treatment of various forms of localized staphy- lococcal infections like furunculosis, ostemoyelitis, etc., and records three cases of bronchopneumonia

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