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and the pit left filled with smoke, which disposes of all the flies. This made the excreta harmless, so far as infection of the soldiers was concerned. Eventually, when the latrines are nearly full, they are covered in. The picket line was always a source of great annoyance in camp sanitation, for horses that were tormented by flies Mirapex 1 Mg easily got out of condition and were useless for military purposes. Constant watchfulness was necessary. All the horse droppings were raked up, dried in windrows, Generic Mirapex and burned as soon as possible. The soil of the picket line was covered with straw or hay, saturated with oil every three or four days and the whole set on fire. This destroyed the larviie of flies in the upper two or three inches of soil and Mirapex Er prevented those embedded deeper from coming to the surface. Screening was necessary at times. Every particle of waste food, crumbs, etc., was destroyed by fire and the empty cans burned out. Mosquitoes were abolished by destroying their breeding places. From the medical standpoint a camp with a large sick call of soldiers complaining of diarrhea, meant a laxity in the inspection of foodstufl^s and drinks and in the disposal of wastes. An ideal camp was flyless. How is all this brought about ? The staff officer has command Generic For Mirapex only within his own department. He advises the commander of the camp Mirapex Coupon as a staff offi- cer Mirapex 0.125 Mg as to matters which require attention. The line officer either Mirapex Coupons approves of his recommendations, or if he disapproves he states why in his endorsement, and the recommendations and the endorsement automatically go to the highest military authority upon whom rests the responsibility for the personnel and material necessary for the efficient care of the sick and wounded in a camp. Camp sanitation con- sists in doing the necessary things to make the site safe by using the available material and personnel. The recommendations of the sanitary officers should deal with the measures and the conditions of which the danger was immediate and important. These recommendations should ignore remote and the- oretical dangers ; ?nd not only must the sanitary officer be trained Cheap Mirapex and intelligent, but accustomed to effective administrative work according to military methods. Captain Alec N. Thomson, M. R. C, of the Division of Venereal Diseases, Surgeon General's Office, said that he was on his way to Boston to assist the Health Department of Massachusetts in a state wide campaign regarding venereal diseases. Doctor Park had given him a vahiable cue in speak- ing about the carrier rate of the important infec- tious diseases in the army. No carrier rate had been computed for venereal diseases in the army, properly speaking, but there was a tremendous car- rier rate in Mirapex 0.25 Mg the civilian community. Some very elaborate plans had been started in regard to the control of syphilis in the service. Doctor Pollitzer referred to syphilis as it related to the future of the country. The man in the early stages of syphilis was kei)t in the armv hospital for a certain period, usually two weeks, during which time he could be sterilized with salvarsan, etc. Patients with gon- orrhea were kept in the hospital until there was no 836 PROCEEDINGS OF NATIONAL AND LOCAL SOCIETIES. [New Mirapex For Rls York Medical J discharge, and when they were Mirapex Price out of the hospital and assigned to hght or even full duty, they were restricted to the post until Buy Mirapex a genitourinary specialist decided that the condition was no longer communic- able in the sense of danger to the general popula- tion. That restriction had Mirapex Litigation been going on for years with regular army men, and since September with the drafted men. Doctor Thomson said he knew of one man who had never been allowed leave once since he went to camp because he Mirapex Cost was in a chronic condition when he came from the civilian commu- nity. He was booked as a communicable venereal case because he had a discharge from which gono- cocci were recovered, and he was still kept under restriction. The man had been in the hospital most of the time since entering the army, and when his comrades What Is Mirapex sailed fpr France he was left behind. There was venereal inspection of every man twice a month in Mirapex Rls camp, and once just before sailing. If Buy Mirapex Online any cases were found among the men on their ar- rival abroad it Mirapex Generic was unfortunate for the physician who had made the final inspection. General Per- shing had a way of inquiring why any case of ven- ereal disease was permitted to slip Pramipexole Mirapex through. The infected soldier would not have a chance to even try to get "over the top."

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