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Kevin Boushel, Towards the New Transcendental: Stylistic Trends in A Cappella Choral Music in the United States
PhD, Dublin City University, in progress

Supervisor(s): Dr Barbara Dignam

General specialism: Musicology: Analysis
Historical timeframe: 2021-present
Key terms, concepts: Choral Music; Neo-tonal Music; Contemporary Music.
Key terms, persons: Eric Whitacre; Morten Lauridsen; Libby Larsen; René Clausen.
Key terms, places: United States
Key terms, genres, instruments: A Cappella; Choral Music; New Transcendentalism

Choral music has been historically excluded from musicological scholarship, particularly in the field of analysis. This research seeks to identify trends among contemporary American choral composers such as Eric Whitacre, Morten Lauridsen, and Libby Larsen, and develop an analytical framework for examining formal processes in their works.
Thesis submission ID 939