Stacie Lee Rossow, The choral music of the Irish composer Michael McGlynn (Other, Other, 2010)

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 Author:  Rossow, Stacie Lee 
 Title:  The choral music of the Irish composer Michael McGlynn 
 Degree, institution:  Other, Other 
 Status, year:  accepted, 2010 (June 2010) 
 Volumes, pp.:  1 (288pp.) 
 Supervisor(s):  Professor Donald Oglesby 
 General specialism:  Musicology 
 Content, key terms: 

Michael McGlynn is predominantly known around the world for his choral music that

reflects the traditional sounds of Ireland. The greater body of his compositions, however,

fit into the contemporary choral genre and represent a sizable contribution to the choral

music repertoire of Ireland. This essay begins with a discussion of McGlynn’s life and

work. Extensive interviews and rehearsal comments with the composer regarding

compositional process and performance practice were conducted and are included. The

musical history of Ireland and details regarding the harmonic and rhythmic language


to the vocal music of the country are included to provide background information

for the reader. Song comparisons from various sources detail the living nature of

Ireland’s traditional music. The Appendices contain a complete list of McGlynn’s works,

a dis

cography, IPA pronunciation guides for McGlynn’s Irish language compositions,

reference scores for all compositions discussed, and programming details about Michael

McGlynn’s most frequently performed choral compositions.