Emma O Toole, Music in the Irish Primary School (BA, University of Limerick, 2016)

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 Author:  O Toole, Emma 
 Title:  Music in the Irish Primary School 
 Degree, institution:  BA, University of Limerick 
 Status, year:  accepted, 2016 (20/04/2016 ) 
 Volumes, pp., etc.:  1, 9000 words 
 Supervisor(s):  Jean Downey 
 Repository:  University of Limerick 
 General specialism:  Music Education 
 Content, key terms: 

The primary objective of this research was to investigate music within Primary schools of the Republic of Ireland. The study sought the wisdom of a number of teachers currently employed in a variety of schools across the country. It investigated the status of music as a subject in the present-day Irish system.

This research investigated the extent to which the Music Curriculum, 1999 is being implemented in their schools. Findings of this research brought to light the issues of time allocation and the prioritizing of subject areas such as literacy and numeracy.

Issues such as teacher confidence, music as a learning tool and the importance of resources were all discussed as part of this study.

Findings from this research also express how influential music can be in ways that do not always meet the eye. Music has remarkable powers and this research discusses just how important music can be and how beneficial it can be for children.