Luca Forcucci, The Third Kind: What You Hear Is Not What You See, Space As An Element Of Composition (MA, Queen’s University Belfast, 2007)

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 Author:  Forcucci, Luca 
 Title:  The Third Kind: What You Hear Is Not What You See, Space As An Element Of Composition 
 Degree, institution:  MA, Queen’s University Belfast 
 Status, year:  accepted, 2007 (14/09/2007) 
 Volumes, pp.:  1 (52p) 
 Supervisor(s):  Dr Eric Lyon 
 General specialism:  Composition 
 Content, key terms:  Concepts:
Genres, instruments: 
Space as an element of composition, text as a stimulus for virtual projections.
Luca Forcucci
Electronics + concrete noises + Hang + Visuals

The aim of my audiovisual composition is to explore the possibilities of space as an element of composition. The idea is to create an artificial space based on real ones.

Once I've obtained a first layer of the composition, I diffused it through the 60 speakers of the Sonic lab of the Sonic Art Research Centre in Belfast.

In doing this, another virtual space is created. The « aural sculpture » I try to create here is based on the idea of mixing these spaces together and « illuminate » the sonic lab with its intrinsic nature.

I recorded the "aural sculpture" through an array of 8 microphones, placed arround the Sonic Art Research Center

I explore also the sonorities of a new instrument called the Hang invented in 2000 by 2 Swiss scientists.

On the other hand, I explore text as a stimulus element of the composition by projecting it on screen to create a mental space experience.

These artificial auditory spaces and the one created by the text interaction will create a multi-layered spatial composition.