Majella Boland, John Field in Context: a Reappraisal of the Nocturne and Piano Concerti (PhD, University College Dublin, 2013)

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 Author:  Boland, Majella 
 Title:  John Field in Context: a Reappraisal of the Nocturne and Piano Concerti 
 Degree, institution:  PhD, University College Dublin 
 Status, year:  accepted, 2013 (2013) 
 Supervisor(s):  Professor Julian Horton 
 General specialism:  Musicology 
 Content, timeframe:  1760-1840 
 Content, key terms:  Persons:
Genres, instruments: 
John Field
Piano Concerto

This thesis provides a historical and analytical context as a basis for understanding Field’s piano concerti. It will consider the musical environment during Field’s formative years, including the impact of the development of the piano, and the role of music trade for Field’s compositional and performance practices. A reappraisal of Field’s status as instigator of the nocturne will chronologically map out the point at which Field acquired this title, while highlighting its subsequent impact for Field research and his concerti. Furthermore, it will indicate that Field’s initial success was primarily linked to his concerti. These factors will serve to emphasise underpinning issues in extant analytical literature pertaining to the concerto, while challenging the perception of form as the primary, if not only, way in which to engage with the genre. A topical analysis of Field’s First and Seventh concerti will demonstrate that Field has suffered unjustified criticism.