Marcus Howard, Rockonomics: A proposed music marketing model for County Louth (Other, Dundalk Institute of Technology, 2007)

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 Author:  Howard, Marcus 
 Title:  Rockonomics: A proposed music marketing model for County Louth  
 Degree, institution:  Other, Dundalk Institute of Technology 
 Status, year:  accepted, 2007 (2007) 
 Volumes, pp.:  1 (116pp.) + 1 CD ROM 
 Repository:  Dundalk Institute of Technology Library 
 General specialism:  Other 
 Content, key terms: 

This study investigates the degree to which cultural marketing models and traditional marketing models are used as in the County Louth area by the local popular music industry. The study also looks at how professionally the local music industry is operating and the degree to which musicians and local music companies are marketing tools to target an audience. The effect of interactive reality television programmes such as X Factor are also discussed to determine it's effect on original liver music. The document assesses how the models are working currently for bands and companies, how a model can be put in place, the industry in Ireland and its history.

The inqury opens up by identifying current trends regarding the internet as a marketing tool, Ireland's high level of disposal income as well as issues of commerciality and originality facing music artists to see how popular musicians are influenced by what consumers want.

These considerations are followed by an interrogation of the literature to give an overview of the structure of the general music industry as well as the music marketplace today, the national and local music industry as well as what trends are predicted in the future. Models which look at cultural marketing and traditional marketing models are researched as well as areas affecting live popular music.

Qualitative Research included interviews as a suitable philosophical framerwork for the prosecution of the study to offer a methodological rationale for analysis and interpretation to produce relevant findings.

The analysis determined that there is a strong emphasis on local musicians being product oriented while embracing elements of marketing which having a heavy criticism of the X Factor phenomenon. A support structure and strategic planning was found to be lacking in the area and there is an over reliance on The Spirit Store music venue which makes it harder for young bands to break through. An abridged model to facilitate strategic planning is proposed as well as the need to create a 'micro market' to facilitate the area's development. The model proposed has wider consequences as it can be applied to other similar geographical areas.

A consulting service offered by the recording studios is recommended as well as a mini record shop in the venue only selling local artist's and a localised chart to encourage band's to become more market oriented and to alter the channels of distribution. The model provides a guide for local musicians to sell without "selling out".