Siubhain O Dubhain, Ceithre ceoldramai: An Lochlannach samhradh na gCruitiri an Iarlais Mozart in Eirinn (MA, Dundalk Institute of Technology, 2007)

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 Author:  O Dubhain, Siubhain 
 Title:  Ceithre ceoldramai: An Lochlannach samhradh na gCruitiri an Iarlais Mozart in Eirinn  
 Degree, institution:  MA, Dundalk Institute of Technology 
 Status, year:  accepted, 2007 (2007) 
 Volumes, pp.: 
 Repository:  Dundalk Institute of Technology Library 
 General specialism:  Composition 
 Content, key terms: 

The word ceoldráma, for the purpose of this thesis, is defined as a one-act chamber opera in the Irish language, for young voices, which includes both newly-arranged music from traditional sources and original musical material.

This project consists of a series of four ceoldrámaí: An Lochlannach, Samhradh na gCruitirí, An Iarlais and Mozart in Éireann which I composed at intervals between 1990 and 1998. Chapter 1 places the works in their educational and musicological context. The libretto and full score of each work is preceded by an account of the relevant historical background, together with details of the characters and a synopsis of the plot. The instrumentation, staging and other practical aspects of production are also described.

My purpose in preparing working editions of ceoldrámaí is to provide a suitable reperatoire for schools which is practical, accessible and entertaining. The basic format of the works takes inspiration from the field of early opera, on which I have worked, both as a musicologist and producer for many years. The musical forms, settings and the use of the 'natural voice', are similar to those of early 17th century opera.

The Appendix includes information on video recordings and printed material associated with various productions of the works during the years 1990-2007.