D. G. Scanlon, The compositional legacy (PhD, Waterford Institute of Technology, 2013)

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 Author:  Scanlon, D. G. 
 Title:  The compositional legacy 
 Degree, institution:  PhD, Waterford Institute of Technology 
 Status, year:  accepted, 2013 (2013) 
 Volumes, pp.:  2 (Vol1. 78pp, Vol.2 289pp.) 
 Repository:  http://www.repository.wit.ie/2724/ http://www.repository.wit.ie/2725/ 
 General specialism:  Composition 
 Content, key terms: 

The thesis cites the identification of significant, contemporary, compositional techniques and their use as lateral drivers in developing new creativity. The process involves the preliminary definition of a position of contributory perspective and thus, of a standpoint and outlook which guides the subsequent re-interpretations, transformations, fusions and manipulations of the selected techniques. The consequent explorations, shaped by new developments, current context, practical insights and fusions of disparate influences, results in the production of results, which, by their very nature, contain new elements of contemporary creativity. The procedure, of informed, academically referenced research, supported by practical experience and a re-evaluation of certain performance conventions, when expressed within an innovative response, promotes the inclusion of such techniques as components of further creative advancement. It also provides renewed insight and increased functionality of the original methodologies. Each of the ensuing, accompanying compositions seeks to demonstrate, reinvigorate and extend such creative development across a range of genres and instrumental ensembles. The work produced is therefore subject to practical referencing, re-envisioned methodologies, creative applications, experimental fusions, pragmatic design and innovative combination. The propositions advanced are addressed primarily within the accompanying portfolio of compositions, (Vol. 2), with supporting analyses and further relevant data contained within the enclosed commentaries.