Robin Renwick, Topologies for Network Music (PhD, Queen’s University Belfast, 2017)

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 Author:  Renwick, Robin 
 Title:  Topologies for Network Music 
 Degree, institution:  PhD, Queen’s University Belfast 
 Status, year:  accepted, 2017 
 Volumes, pp., etc.:  1 (177pp.), 50000 words 
 Supervisor(s):  Prof. Pedro Rebelo; Dr. Justin Yang 
 Repository:  Queen's University Belfast. 
 General specialism:  Network Music 
 Content, key terms:  Concepts:
Genres, instruments: 
Networkology; Emergence; Networks; Topology; Neural Networks
Max Neuhaus; Maryanne Amacher; John Cage
Network Music; Network Art; Experimental Music; Sonic Art

This thesis presents a body of theoretical research, combined with a portfolio of artworks, residing within the field of network music. Network music is a musical practice in which conceptual, technological, ideological and/or philosophical concepts of the network are included in the design, composition, production, and/or performance process. The thesis contains analysis of three historical examples of network music, as well as critical reflection of three artistic responses that have been created by the author. The responses investigate how contemporary technologies allow increasingly complex perceptual and technological understandings of network concepts, ideologies, strategies, and topologies to be explored within network music. The thesis also contains description, critical reflection, and analysis of one original artwork, which investigates a theme that emerged during the research process. The original work explores how a performance topology, adapted from the field of machine learning, alters the perception and interpretation of the network for involved agents, as well as analysing the impact it has on the participants, and performance process.

 Related publications:  Renwick, R. (2016). “The Relation of Nodalism to Network Music”, The International Journal of New Media, Technology and the Arts, 11:2, pp. 21-28; Renwick, R. (2015). “Ellipses: Multi-dimensional filter, fracture, and dilution of a nodalistic body”. Revista Electronica MAPA D2, 2:2, pp. 176-193; Deery, A., Dzjaparidze, M. and Renwick, R. (2015). “Amalgam - Collaborative techniques within cooperative spaces”. Resonancias, 19:36, Jan-Jun 2015, pp. 27-36; Renwick, R. (2012). “SourceNode: A Network Sourced Approach to Network Music Performance”, in proceedings of ICMC 2012, Ljubljana, Slovenia, pp. 301-308.