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18 March 2019

The SMI Music Theses Register is an open-access, free-to-use searchable database of postgraduate theses in the fields of musicology, ethnomusicology, music education, music technology, music therapy, performance, analysis, composition, etc.: theses that were submitted (or are in progress) for degrees awarded in Ireland, or for degrees awarded outside Ireland if the content of the thesis is relevant to music in Ireland or the music of Ireland. This resource was first established online in 2007; the present version dates from March 2019. 

Theses are included on the following criteria:

  • those of members of the Society for Musicology in Ireland;
  • those completed or in progress at universities and third-level colleges in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland;
  • those completed or in progress for degrees awarded elsewhere, provided that the content relates in some way to music in or of Ireland, past or present;
  • undergraduate dissertations produced in Ireland that are of original research merit. 

The SMI Music Theses Register is an on-going project and submissions for qualifying entries are invited.

Members of the public may browse this database freely, without registration. If you want to submit details of your own thesis to the database, you must first register in this website as an author, and then define your thesis according to the Submission Guidelines. See also the answers to our Frequently Asked Questions. To seek help or make enquiries, see our contacts page.