• Who may add theses to the Register?     
    Anyone may do this, provided that they have user-accounts on the site. Unlike in the former version of the Register (before 2019), you do not have to be the author of the thesis to define that thesis here.
  • What information is required when a thesis is defined in the Register?    
    See the submission guidelines.
  • Does the Register store any theses in their complete form?  
    No, the Register is not a repository. Instead it lists information about theses, including their abstracts, in a form that's easily searched. In some cases a link is quoted where the thesis is accessible in an online repository, or mention might be made to a library that holds a hard copy.
  • I had a user-account on the first version of the Register (2007-2018). What has happened to it?     
    For reasons of security and your privacy, all former user-accounts have been deleted and are no longer stored. However, the details that you submitted about your thesis (or theses) are preserved in the current version of the Register.
  • I am the author of a thesis already listed in the Register. How do I make corrections to the details stored here?     
    If you yourself submitted details of your thesis in 2019 or later, then (1) log in; (2) go to 'My account', find the 'submissions' tab, then edit the submission. If it was someone else who submitted details of your thesis, or if your thesis was listed in the Register before 2019, then see the advice at Claim a thesis record for updating.
  • May I make corrections or other updates to theses' details stored here even though I am not the author of those theses?     
    Yes. See the advice at Claim a thesis record for updating.
  • Where may I read the Privacy Policy of this site? 
    See Privacy Policy.